Plugs have those categories

Created on:2018-12-19 13:38

According to the function can be divided into:

Headphone plug, dc plug, audio plug, usb plug, video plug, microphone plug, charger plug, mobile phone plug, etc. Internationally, household appliances are divided into three categories:

One type: Electrical appliances refer to electrical appliances with only one layer of insulation. These appliances must be equipped with leakage protectors and grounding protection (that is, three-pin plugs). Such as air conditioners, machine tools, motors, etc.

The second category: the electrical appliance has double-layer insulation measures. To add the leakage protector, the grounding protection can be avoided (that is, the two-pin plug can be used). Such as: TV, electric fan, table lamp, induction cooker, electric ceramic stove, etc.

Three categories: electrical appliances are electrical appliances that use safe voltage, generally 12-36V electrical appliances, such as air conditioners, water heaters, etc.

Classified by safety certification as:


Divided by structure:

Split plugs, sockets and connectors. Plugs and sockets are generally divided into two poles and two poles with grounding plugs.

The current is passed, so I would like to tell you that any electrical appliance should be unplugged if it is not used, saving electricity.

For power products, there are usually four nouns:

1. Plug. Refers to the part that is connected to the power cord and has a male plug. The full name should be called a plug connector. For a flat-legged two-pin plug, English is sometimes spelled duckhead (duck head, take its image).

2, connector (connector). Refers to the part that is connected to the power cord and has a female jack socket.

3. Appliance input socket (inlet). The state is similar to that of 1, but it is mounted on a fixed body such as an electric appliance, and is not connected, and is mounted on the socket body.

4, socket (socket). Its state is similar to 2, but the installation position is the same as 3. The full name should be called the appliance socket.